Wednesday, January 30, 2008

There are a few new places in Sevilla.
The Alameda has gone through yet another transformation. The worst yet.
However, there is a bar there with good food and music called Republica that is worth a visit.

By the way, now back in the UK, working as a photographer.
You can see my website:


Blogger serious said...

We found our information on your blog !


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Today we are working on our first issue which will be about Andalusia and since our website is under construction, we began searching for information’s on various blogs published on the web.
So that’s how we found yours, and reading it we spotted the bar : Republica, that you seemed to have enjoy a lot. So we sent one of our correspondents on the spot to check out every detail we needed to publish it in our Andalusia Serious Guide.
We’re are now writing the guide and I would like to quote your pseudonym as our first source for this bar.
I want to emphasis on the fact that we are not going to use the texts you wrote for your blog, but we want to mention you since it’s thanks to you that we found this interesting information.
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